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Image courtesy of The You Can't Do That On Television Web.

This was the main set, on which the host (all hail Christine McGlade!) introduced the topic du jure; water and slime fell on _everybody_; the closing credits rolled; the opposites began; and various other segues took place. Not bad for a few risers, some rods, and a bunch of hanging balls, eh?

Barth's Diner:
It was on this set that we found out just what _was_ in the burgers (or, in some cases, _who_). We never really saw the kitchen, though we did get a brief glimpse at a few hanging pots and pans when Barth irately told everyone, "D'ah, I heard that!" The set consisted of little more than a single booth, a cash register, and a pinball machine (often not seen).

Presumably set underground, this dank, dark prison of stone and iron was designed to be hospitable only to the rats. Permanent fixtures included shackles, the skeleton of a former prisoner named Hodgekins, and a window of iron bars. I can easily understand prisoners having "a complaint."

Invariably, something was misspelled upon the blackboard in this typical classroom setting. Students often got the better of the Teacher, as every student would like to do.

Detention Hall:
This set contained the Principal's desk, a student desk, a LARGE dictionary, and occasionally a set of wall shackles (borrowed from the Dungeon set, no doubt). Typically, a student was asked to copy an ungodly number of pages from said dictionary, but managed to escape.

Living Room:
Often the scene of family situation comedies, this set held a recliner, a sofa, and a television. Sons and daughters were frequently "encouraged," much to the Father's chagrin.

Blip's Arcage:
Here we saw a few obvious parodies of contemporary video games, complete with graffiti on the side (saying such things as "Mork was a stork").

More sets to come as I remember them -- it's been a long time.

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